"So you want a ukulele group for your function "


Many members of the group now put themselves forward to play to the public;  we have a small repertoire of songs but are building upon our success all the time. We play mostly foot tapping classics & sing-along songs that most people will have heard in the past, we are rough round the edges but for some reason unknown to ourselves, wherever we go we always get a great reaction from the crowd, personally I put it down to the fact that very few people will have seen a Ukulele band before and it certainly is unusual.

If you want us to play at your Club, Party, House, pub, or even the village green at the summer fete please read on. We are not a highly polished band nor in anyway professional, but we will bring you some fun & laughter to your event.


we raise money by asking for a donation of £100, for this we will play for two, half hour sets & possibly a little longer. We all live in Plymouth but are happy to travel to your destination for which we may ask for a small contribution to our Fuel cost. most donations we receive will go to our charity, over the past 2 years we have raised near on £8000 all for local Plymouth Charities.

We fund ourselves at the present time, and will probably continue to do so because we very much enjoy it, People ask use WHY ?   My answer is this," because we never ever thought we could” Please contact our bookings dept, (Kevin ), He will be able to give you any further detail you may need, we thank you in advance for you time.

I'm sure you have already googled us which is why you are here So just in case you haven't, Below is just one of our Typical engagements

Harry: Founder member  “Plymouth Ukulele Players” (The PUPS)

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